Change - NBA Youngboy,Loner Life - NBA YoungBoy

ChangeNBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics:
You was lovin’ them, I was lovin’ you
I’m in love with you but can’t be with you
What the f**k I’m ‘posed to do? (What?)
Treat me like a lame, I don’t play games

like I don’t notice you (Like I don’t notice)
What the f**k is it I’m missin’ that he givin’
that I don’t show you? (That I ain’t show)
I done sat up in the prison all night,
wishin’ that I’m holdin’ you

Tryna make my money, bring me close to you, I’m feelin’ sorry
Love ain’t borrowed, it ain’t bought,
it won’t be taken back tomorrow (Taken back tomorrow)
Feel this shameless f**kin’ game left him stretched out ’bout his boy
Body left inside the car, they started arguin’ ’bout that boy

Feel like I’m losin’ my sane (Oh)
Pain only thing make change
Before anything, I’m a man (A man)
You a woman, then for that ni**a, don’t change / New Music Release

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