Champagne Problems - ENNY

Champagne ProblemsENNY

Quotable Lyrics:
So many who what whys and when’s
IPhone notes or a biro pen
Dark skin darling brown skin friends
Peng Blacks Girls that’s the patent pending
push that all my incentive in
Recoup all my investments win on rocks

That’s how I like my gin
Priceless just got them gems from Simz
There’s a war going on in my mental
Emotions gentle spiritual healing
Would be smart to invest in time away
But this Prada bags so appealing

Yeah retail therapies healing
Well bank balance gone keep me in check
Certain man love hailing me up
Cause they say “yo we like you don’t rap about sex”
Hm what’s that supposed to mean to me
If the basis of hip hops Misogyny

Cause I grew up on Kim and Fela
But if rap about pussy I’m a sell out
I ain’t got a potion I ain’t gotta code switch
White folk love me like they love my culture
Any genre get up on it I’m a vulture
Flip it wrap it give to you love it cause its wholesome
Flip it rewind give it back this a vibe