Quotable Lyrics:
These trials and tribulations
Been through thick and thin
In this crazy life of sin

I’m the player, I’m the coach and CEO
Never hating if I told you play ya role
I seen shooters scoring points off the phone
Mind polluted gotta keep rolling up smoke

Convoluted could never explain me more
Drink diluted Gengar cup to keep me calm
Thank my jeweler diamonds hitting critical
They just can’t be on the shit that we be on

Hope the trap ever last
Got a demon on her knees she being bad
You don’t wanna judge me by my past (You)
You the one that’s stuck up in past (Aw yeah)

Making bands know it make em mad
Could throw ya net worth but rather keep it low key
Turned the seats tanned in a DB10
Shorty was a 10 till I seen her smoking bogies

Remember back then when I gave you a chance
Now ya lucks up got stuck with the old me
Had me down bad but never again
In this crazy life of