Catfish - Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman

CatfishAesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman

Quotable Lyrics:
You’ll understand my sense of urgency
I be the cat that put “emergence” in emergency
More than a half a mind to save my whole community

I’m just not certain what something like that’ll do to me
Sandy’s on the mound and pitching for the home team
All the information’s listed on the home screen

Once I started ain’t no switchin’ out to plan b
Once I started ain’t no screaming out “it can’t be”
You can catch the bluest ribbon in the red sea
You can catch the true and living in the dead sea

Magic lingers while the fingers on your screen scroll
Please believe it you can read it in the sea scrolls
Fortune frowns on anybody out to take lives
If you’re considering a silly thing then take five
I am avid as I’m having me a great time

I’m aware you might have heard this through the grapevine
When I’m chompin on the bit it ain’t a bit dull
If you want it you can get it thru your thick skull
See I grew up on Atari playing pitfall
See I grew up on Safari of the brick walls
I’m a composite of many different aspects

I’m a undercover operative of aztecs
Bastion riding falcor tryna spot artex
Examining the outdoors for the spot marked X

Behind the wheel of True’s land cruiser I cruise land
Listen and you’ll hear it it’s the spirit that moves man
Picking out a jacket for hijacking a news van

Rappers don’t know diddley but me I’m a blues man
I be on it like I saw it with a bird’s eye
If it’s doable I done it on my first try
Breaker breaker peep the phantom about to break fly
Every bit of data fatter than a steak fry

Doin what I gotta to remain on the blacklist
Up until you find out that was only a catfish
Every other human come including an asterisk
Thank you all for snoozing now for using my last wish