Cater - Tink & 2 Chainz

CaterTink & 2 Chainz

Yeah (Hitmaka)
Walk in smelling like bond number Nina
Cater to me and I’ma make you Aquafina
Met her in Miami and she half Latina
And to me a old school is a motherf**king Beamer (Yeah)

You’ve been on your grind and the way you shine, I’m fallin’ in love
Swallow my pride, no one alive is gonna separate us
Sit it on your lap, I massage your back anytime you had a long day
You’re about your check and I show respect ’cause I know you count it five ways
Ooh, woah, just wanna put my arms around him
Ooh, woah, life would be purposeless without him
I’ma kiss your neck and I’m at my best when I got you standing right here
Cook you a meal and I washеd your clothes just to show you I care

I’ma cater to you
You’rе the man of my dreams, I wanna fulfill all your needs
Oh, yeah
Let me cater to you
I admire your hustle, stay in your duffle