Cash In Cash Out - Pharrell Feat. Tyler, The Creator & 21 Savage

Cash In Cash OutPharrell Feat. Tyler, The Creator & 21 Savage

Quotable Lyrics:
Ridin’ in the car with no keys (Straight up)
Louis V shirt with no sleeves (On God)
Slaughter gang, ni**a, I’m reppin’ (21)
Chopper get to preachin’, I’m the reverend (21)
Call him New Era, he cappin’ (Yeah)

Them the type of ni**as I ain’t dappin’ (On God)
When I book a show, make my backend cashin’
21, Uncle Sam, dawg, I’m taxin’
Ridin’ in the coupe and it’s a sport (Yeah)
My bodyguard look like a horse (Straight up)
She gon’ suck me up like it’s a chore (On God)

Took the La Ferrari on a tour (21)
Buy a Richard Mill’ when I get bored (Bored)
Put my sidepiece inside a Porsche (A Porschе)
Money turned me to a a**holе
I ain’t gon’ lie, I was used to being poor (21)
I put Chanel on my feet

European model got Chanel on my seats
Put me in a third world country in the middle of the slums
I’ma turn it to a million dollar street (Oh, for real)
Pharrell made this so it’s a million dollar beat (Straight up)
V12, VVS, I fell in love with Vs (Straight up)
Walk in your section, you ain’t reppin’ ’bout nothin’
My invoice gon’ be a million dollar fee (On God)

Hop in a Bentley and slide (And what?)
Reach for my chain and you die (Say what?)
You know my method, I’ma turn your shirt red, man
Then see your a** out high (On God)
Mama got a Benz, she smiled (21)

Then she got a house, she cried (21)
Ni**a took the stand, he lied
Held court in the streets and they gave his a** life (Goddamn)
I’m gettin’ bigger and bigger (And what?)
Your pockets littler than little (21)

Put a hundred bands on your head
Now they jumpin’ up and down playin’ monkey in the middle
She swallow all my kids, she a bad babysitter
Kim Jong-Un, in my pants is a missile

Friend of the family, I hit all the sisters
The mama love me so she hid all my pistols (Straight up)