Crack - Muni Long,Cartier - Muni Long

CartierMuni Long

Quotable Lyrics:
I wanna get to know you, we should take our time
‘Cause things that last for real just don’t happen overnight
Why you wanna rush it if you’re crushin’ like I’m crushin’?
Baby, I’m just wondering, I got a couple of questions

Like, “Why you haven’t showed me so I wouldn’t have to doubt?”
And, “Why won’t you tell me what we are, but want me to play house?”
But if you want my body, babe, it’s a price you gotta pay
It’s either with your heart or with your credit card and I love Cartier

Babe, hey, hey, bae
Babe, oh-oh, I love Cartier, yeah
Babe (Ooh), hey (Ooh), hеy (Ooh), bae (Ooh)
Babe, oh-oh, I love Cartiеr