Cap - Tory Lanez

CapTory Lanez

Quotable Lyrics:
Said the beef was over, that was motherf**kin’ cap
Don’t need no f**kin’ handouts, let alone a dap, yeah
[?] the force until you know I played it crap, yeah
Taboo in Miami, I’m too rich for boobytrap, yeah
Ayy, it’s some ni**as I don’t like
So I’m throwin’ signs in the street, I’m off stride, yeah
It’s on sight, so I said it’s on sight, uh
B*tches tryna end me, so I can not be polite, uh

Millionaire, I ain’t stoppin’ at no lights
But sh*t replay inside my head enough and I’ma fight, yeah
Promise that I buy that b*tch a Birkin, mm, sike, uh
Promise that I buy that b*tch a Birkin, uh, sike
Threw that pu**y and I caught it, J. Rice
Know that b*tch is mine, but I might now own her rights
Yeah, that b*tch said shе went skydivin’ twice
Jumped up on his d**k and said that bit’ was scarеd of heights