Can't Stop Won't Stop - King Combs Feat. Kodak Black

Can’t Stop Won’t StopKing Combs Feat. Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
Can’t stop, won’t stop, Bad Boy
I was upgradin’ from my last toy/h*e
I done f**ked on Lisa, Keisha and Joy
And I ain’t trippin’ if you ain’t takin’ any joy

I was locked twenty-three and one
Now I ball like 23/twenty-three and one
Sniper Gang, I’m always playin’ manhunt
I’m the one who kept it foolin’ and what?

Seek out the fire in my eyes but I changed though
Suck my d*ck, b*tch, I’m too rich to drive a Range Rover
Lil’ hater baby, I remember stealin’ mangoes

How my side b*tch f**k better than my main h*e? (Woo)
How my side b*tch f**k better than my main b*tch?
Every ni**a say it’s smoke, they get extinguished / New Music Release

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