Can't Imagine - Nasty C

Can’t ImagineNasty C

Quotable Lyrics:
I can’t imagine my kingly self tryna mingle with y’all
Or talking down on those above me just to fish for applause
They try to come at me only to have me zip up their jaws
I pick their business apart, I get their children involved
I should cut them at the knees, I should cripple you all

I should bury a ni**a then tweet “We missing you dawg”
I can’t believe you think we even, b*tch, your vision is flawed
I’m in the league where you ni**as never existed at all
Y’all never knеw this was possible but y’all swear y’all desеrve it
I been flyin’ the flag while y’all analysing my turbulence
Y’all ‘ can cross me on purpose but y’all know all of you purposeless