Can't Blame Ye - Bfb Da Packman

Can’t Blame YeBfb Da Packman

Quotable Lyrics:
Fat boy back, I know you b*tches can’t believe it
Thought Packman fell off ’cause my page got deleted
I grew up drinkin’ dirty water, I’m undefeated
‘Bout to f**k this year up, I know you b*tches hate to see it
My Asian plug growin’ ‘za, I’m in love with Mei Mei
Ain’t ready to die ’bout this sh*t, then why you hollerin’, “Gang, gang?”
I be in my feelings too, I can’t even blame Ye
My b*tch left me, on God, I’ma act the same way, yeah

Lunch Crew exotic, pushin’ P’s of dirty donuts (Uh)
Cheatin’ is for kids, my b*tch wish a ni**a’d grow up
Call an opp ni**a ho up, made her suck me ’til she throw up
This sh*t three hundrеd a line, b*tch, quit askin’ me to pour up
Lil’ baby got that water, uh, yеah, that cooch-cooch
I get crunk up in that thing, b*tch, I feel like Duke Deuce
Gucci boots up in the winter, and it hold a two-two
She said her ex-ni**a a dog, me too, roof-roof