Nobody Has To Know - Chris Brown Feat. Davido,Inner Peace - Chris Brown Feat. Anderson .Paak,Possessive - Chris Brown Feat. Lil Wayne & Yung Bleu,C.A.B. (Catch A Body) - Chris Brown Feat. Fivio Foreign,Psychic - Chris Brown Feat. Jack Harlow ,Wheels Fall Off - Chris Brown

C.A.B. (Catch A Body)Chris Brown Feat. Fivio Foreign

Quotable Lyrics:
Mami, you sad, she wanna sit, but she on the pole
She understand, she got a gift, if she wanna glow
Crashin’ the whip, whiter than snow, fresh out the boat
She tryna fly, now we on a trip, somewhere in Dubai (Ayy)

She lovin’ the life (Ayy)
So high in the buildin’, look down at the sky (Ayy)
Girl, that pu**y crazy, you know my mind ain’t right
I know that she ready, she’ll find out tonight

I got a feelin’ we finna be close
I got a feelin’ you already know
Baby, let me take control
You ain’t gon’ be solo no more
Know you see me (Yeah)

Iced out for the party (Party)
Shots got me feelin’ saucy tonight
If I f**k your girl, I’m not sorry (No, sorry)
I ain’t cuffin’ anybody

Tonight, I’m on go, go (Party)
‘Cause I can f**k with anybody
Tonight, I’m on go, go (Sorry)
I’m just tryna catch a body tonight (Yeah, look)