Bye Bye - Marshmello, Juice WRLD

Bye ByeMarshmello, Juice WRLD

Quotable Lyrics:
Alright, Mello made it right
Bye-bye, bye-bye
Oh my, get out my life
She said, “Why?”
(Mello made it right)

I hit her with a bye-bye, bye-bye
You’re out your mind
I’m out of pills
And you’re out of lies
It stays dark outside
Even when it’s daytime
Like, bye-bye, bye-bye
Uh, bye-bye, bye-bye

Um, see you later, uh
Girl, I got a question for you, yeah, I need a favor (Uh)
Turn yourself back to a demon, I’m a demon slayer (Uh)
Hell-proof to the core, take me to your lair (Uh)
Uh, hella persuasive

Hella curved animation, like The Matrix
Percocet, body achin’, stomach achin’
Feel like it’s a f**kin’
earthquake where my brain is, huh, oh
Hell’s Kitchen blazing

Cookin’ coke up for slave masters, bloody apron
I remember havin’ a dream catcher, when I was like ten
Set that b*tch on fire, all my dreams been
comin’ true since (Been comin’ true since)