Burning Up - Nardo Wick ft. The Kid LAROI

Burning UpNardo Wick ft. The Kid LAROI

Quotable Lyrics:
Quarter million-dollar vacation (Vacation)
B*tch, this is a money conversation (Oh yeah)
Look at where I come from, it’s amazing
Under California sun, on the beach gettin’ faded

Doubled up my cup and it’s a whole lot of dirty (Yeah)
Where I’m from, I’m the first on Forbes under thirty (Oh yeah)
They ain’t ever seen that sh*t (Yeah)
Brand new Porsche, 911, red velvet inside my whip (Ah, ah, ah, ah)

B*tch I’m burnin’ up, call a firetruck, they say I’m heatin’ up
Suitcase for my racks, they say that duffle wasn’t big enough
Sent her to the doctor ’cause her bottom wasn’t big enough
I got lots of choppers for the oppers,

we gon’ hit ’em up (Grraow, grraow, grraow)
Give it up, this a robbery, I want my style back
We don’t do the woofin’, go find someone
else to howl at (Grraow, grraow, grraow)
Big chains, swinging on my neck like a ball bat

If he try to touch it, put a hole in his ballcap (Baow, baow)
Grape guts, I put purple seats in my Trackhawk
Don’t get mad at me, she told me, “Hit her,” that ain’t my fault
General, never taking orders, I’m a big boss

If I tell ’em go, they gon’ spiral like a football
Bloop-bloop, Nardo came through drippin’ like a wet treat
She don’t want relations, she say she just wanna sext me
Never call my phone, if you need me, better text me