Bullseye 2 - Real Boston Richey Feat. Future

Bullseye 2Real Boston Richey Feat. Future

Quotable Lyrics:
Bubba chain a hunndred thousand
Ran it up in public housing
Ni**as pu**y, Ronda Rousey
F**k with me, don’t f**k without me

Hula hoop ass ni**a got
slimed out for tryna go around me
Know I get a ni**a ass touched right now
Ain’t gotta be around him
Booted up, I don’t take no med

I be on that drink instead
F**k ’round on that Strong Back
Doin’ too much, I damn near broke the bed
I don’t gotta have no comeback
I don’t argue, f**k him, kill him dead

F**k it, buy his b*tch a wig
F**k his b*tch, I love to see it
I been on this sh*t since I was a kid, all this sh*t I did
All my ex-h*es still ain’t on sh*t, keep ’em out my midst