Bulletproof Maybach - DDG ft. Offset

Bulletproof MaybachDDG ft. Offset

Quotable Lyrics:
Forges on the Lambo, we got cameras on the mantle
Backseat of the Phantom, this the mob just like Sopranos
Hot just like a candle, we had opps and I bought ammo
We got Glocks and you get popped, life a gamble

Bulletproof Maybach, chopper on the seat
Chopper like Ajax cleaning up the streets
If you smoke, get your payback and keep it in the streets
Hundred thousand needs, Virgil on the feet

Make out with the Draco, make love when you bleed
Diamonds big ol’ karats, making Bugs Bunny freeze
They gon’ have him rest, I put my cause on the team
R-I-P the pistol, we was thugs on the scene

Blood, sweat and tears, I been grinding sh*t for years
I done popped another pill, I’m tryna keep my temper chill
Put that money to my ear, ’cause only racks is what I hear
Only God is who I fear and I need equity and deals

PJ flying in the G5, thinkin’ ’bout the sh*t
I was gonna do with the money when I was knee high
Sh*t get serious, T.I, remember my ni**a got
killed ’cause he took that ni**as .35
Investing all my bills, I was tryna get out the northside

I ain’t told no lie, I been having .45
Go look [?], sh*t, we proud of me, I slow down
Bulletproof the president, you never know it go down
Living in the fast life, momma told me need to slow down

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