Bitch I'm Nice - Doechii

Bitch I’m NiceDoechii

Quotable Lyrics:
Ni**as sellin’ dreams to buy me a new jet
Cartier drippin’, I’m flexin’ that new wet
I be rollin’ through the hood to buy me a new set
And we sit in foreign cars, you sittin’ on new deck

No sweat, I’m the heavyweight champ, whaddup?
When I bring the coke out, white girls cut up
When I walk up in the room, every boy shut up
‘Cause they know my ni**as zoom and they cut the run out

B*tch, I’m nice, got a b*tch clean that bite
That ni**a might got racks but he ain’t my type
I’m the best thing in your lifе
Know this pu**y good and it purr but it still got bite

Come through, dubbin’ on sight
Yeah, thеse b*tches hood and they thug but they ain’t got stripes
I’m the biggest threat to your wife
Go back to the hood, get a jugg and bring a knife to a fight