Bad Boys - Pop Smoke Feat. Obasi Jackson,Tell The Vision - Pop Smoke Feat. Kanye West & Pusha T,Mr. Jones - Pop Smoke Feat. Future

Brush EmPop Smoke Feat. Rah Swish

Quotable Lyrics:
GQ, you got a gun, ni**a, gun, ni**a? Me too
Brodie gon’ what? Brodie gon’ back out, brodie gon’ brush ’em
Look, brodie gon’, brodie gon’, rrr
Diggin’ that Louis bag, Louis bag, ni**a diggin’ that bag, duffle
Brodie gon’ back out, cut ’em, brodie gon’, woo, I bet Moe gon’ shoot
Said I’m big 092, know that I’m woo
Don’t come to my block, we gon’ give ’em the boot
I keep me a Glock, shoot out the roof, two .38’s, three .22’s