Bruddanem - J.I.D Feat. Lil Durk,Stars - J.I.D Feat. Yasiin Bey

BruddanemJ.I.D Feat. Lil Durk

Quotable Lyrics:
If you my ni**a, you my ni**a then
Twin, thick or thin
I was a kid when my brother went in
Now he lil’ brother, the man
Kinda like Pac in Above the Rim
Couple M’s, cut a check, cut the film

I got the Glock for my bruddanem
I spin the block for my bruddanem
I did a lot for my bruddanem
You better watch for my bruddanem
You gotta watch my bros

I’m finna cop for my bruddanem
You call the cops on my bruddanem
You don’t know, partner, them strugglin’
That shit ain’t nothin’ ’bout nothin’

And if my brother say, “Let’s slide,”
well then, my sister slidin’ too
It ain’t no slippin’ on this side,
I got my grip and found my groove

And if they blitzin’ on the squad,
I swear to God it’s bad for you
When there’s nothin’ else they thought I would do

My brothers ride through
My brothers ride through (Yeah, uh)
My brothers ride through