8 Figures - DaBaby Feat. Meek Mill

Brother’s Keeper – DaBaby

Quotable Lyrics: Brother’s Keeper – DaBaby

I’m my brother’s keeper and it been like that forever
We can’t help the sh*t we seen, we had to live through that together (Oh, oh)
All these demons on my soul, Lord, I need help fightin’ these devils (Oh, oh, oh)
He play with me, he gotta go, go dig a grave and get a shovel (Oh, oh, K-K-KiD)

Get in the grave, I’ma help you get there
Two jobs, momma workin’, minimum wage
Barely havin’ rent, fare
We was motivated by them pitiful days
We was raised thе right way
Do the wrong thing, we get whoopеd like a slave (Whooped like a slave, yeah)
Ni**as gon’ go get a switch

Though you was the oldest so you got it worst (Worst)
You was the oldest so you got it first (You got it first)
I was the baby so I got it easy (Easy)
Remember us cussin’ and fightin’ in church
Knowin’ damn well that as soon as we leave (As soon as we leave)
The look mommy gave us, knew we was gettin’ hurt (We gettin’ hurt)