Brotherly Love (Pt. 2) - Kay Flock Feat. Dougie B & B-Lovee

Brotherly Love (Pt. 2)Kay Flock Feat. Dougie B & B-Lovee

Quotable Lyrics:
DOA, we gon’ turn this shit up (Ah)
Patty and ‘Migos, streets turnt the f**k up
Other side goofies, they some chumps (They some chumps)
.40 kickin’ like Bruce Lee, when I dump (Like Bruce Lee)
Baba line who, b*tch? You dumb
Try to line me, I’m dyin’ with you and my gun (With you and my gun)
Grrah, try to line me, I’m dyin’ with you and my gun (Go, go, go)

I can’t lack for a b*tch that be on me
This .30 got hollows for him and his homies
Had to walk on both feet, couldn’t get us a stogie
Went to shoot at the opps with my doley

I was stuck in the streets, I was startin’ to get lonely
Ni**as talking that sh*t like they know me
I done been through the storm, they can’t fold me
All the opps, I’m out, tryna clone me

Man, whatever it is, let it be that
Catch ’em leavin’ his crib, he won’t be back
Brodie gon’ pop out the cut, he won’t see that
Sh*t get real, it’s not fake so don’t think that

F**k a day shift, my goons pop out at dark, tryna slay sh*t
Off the Patty and ‘Migos, she ain’t actin’ basic
Free Kay Flock, I can’t wait ’til that day hit