Britney Spears Re-releases Album featuring Backstreet Boys Duet

Singer-songwriter Britney Spears re-released her ninth studio album, Gloryon Dec. 11, and fans are going crazy! Spears  has mainly been in the news due to battles with her father over her estate’s conservatorship, leading to the ongoing #FreeBritney campaign. After it was announced last month that a Los Angeles court declined the application, the controversy only grew worse from there. However, her album has helped given her fans a reason to celebrate her once again. Although Glory was initially released in Aug. 2016, including new songs and remixes. However, the song that’s getting the most buzz off this album is “Matches,”a song featuring the iconic Backstreet Boys.

For millennials, any song that teams up famous musicians from the ’90s will be a dream come true for music fans. “Matches” is currently holding a top ten spot on the iTunes charts and will likely have rising Spotify stream numbers. It also has found a way to take the classic sounds off early 2000’s pop and blend it into the songs that were part of Glory previously. “Matches” and the re-release of Glory are now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.