Breathe (Freestyle) - Vic Mensa

Breathe (Freestyle) – Vic Mensa

Quotable Lyrics: Breathe (Freestyle) – Vic Mensa

Man, this ni**a Thelonious always give me somethin’ I can breathe on
Bleed on
Shout to Johnny Smalls
Uh, this is ground zero I’m risin’ from the ashes, uh
The first step on the road to Damascus
I redefined my narrative I’m Frederick Douglas, uh
I can’t harbor hate although they never loved us, nah
I tell my guys I miss ’em, they in dire conditions

Tryna survive in prison, prayin’ they don’t die in Dixon
Bro said send him some pics of me with Australian b*tches
Back in America they treat us like we Aborigines
Original man, they tried to white out our history
As if the first universities wasn’t Egyptian
Lauryn Hill said it best, it’s just miseducation
And Section 8 is just modern day segregation
I’m drinkin’ from the whites only fountain of youth