Breath Control - Logic Feat. Wiz Khalifa

Breath ControlLogic Feat. Wiz Khalifa

Quotable Lyrics:
Everything that I have, I’m thankin’ God for it now
I’m takin’ all of my trees, proceed to breakin’ it down
Though with f**kin’ with ground level, we in the clouds
Stay reclined in my seat, smokin’, leanin’ it back

Livin’ like rock and roll, but still doing this rap music
Movin’ through stats, always movin’ the crowd
If Wiz Khalifa’s on your campus, then I’m probably smokin’ loud
With a bad one comin’ out, talkin’ ’bout

Keep your cool so we don’t hear the hate and doubt
They just mad ’cause they ain’t make it to the clouds
Tried they best, but they just ain’t gettin’ accounted for
We ain’t goin’ back and forth

I ain’t just start multiple trends, I open doors
Provided a style for you and yours
I made the class, you studied the course
Game’s to bе sold, not told, hope that you could afford it

Make sure thе private plane cold as soon as I board it
More concerned with stocks and mortgages than little boy sh*t
Famous girl, she on my line, she need a d*ck appointment