Breaking Point - KayCyy

Breaking PointKayCyy

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, this is the tipping point
This is the breaking point
I see an epiphany, I won’t ever disappoint, yeah, uh
I keep a shooter that’s guardin’ me so I can run the point, yeah
I keep an angel that’s guidin’ me, devil don’t hear the noise

This is the tipping point
This is the breaking point, uh, yeah
Had an epiphany, I cannot disappoint, yeah
I got a b*tch that I see on the regular
But she too far from a regular b*tch

Sweet in the eyes, she ain’t talkin’ too much
When that liquor start pourin’, she turn to a freak
Every еx think you can’t find a better them
But what happens when you find a better them?

Now it’s like, “Man, I wish that I bet on him”
Turns out, man, she can’t find a better him
Carry, carry, carry, carry
My words like weights, but don’t do the gym
Bury, bury, bury, bury

My words, man, I’m back, man, I’m feelin’ like Him
I got some sh*t that I’m faithful to
I got some sh*t (That I’m faithful to)
I got some people I’m faithful to
I got some people I’m—

Ni**as, they gossip like b*tches
Why is they hearin’?
Why is they sharin’ stories?
Like, why is they doin’ too much?