Welcome Back - Joey Bada$$ Feat. Chris Brown & Capella Grey,Brand New 911 - Joey Bada$$ Feat. Westside Gunn

Brand New 911Joey Bada$$ Feat. Westside Gunn

Quotable Lyrics:
Brand new 911 off the lot, off the lot (Skrrt)
It ain’t even cost me a lot, yeah
Took that b*tch back to the block, to the block
Heard a ni**a just got, uh
(Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)

The God within me won’t allow these ni**as to contempt me
I keep the peace, full squeeze until my clip is empty (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
They resent me ’cause I’m countin’ all these blessings heaven sent me (Woo, ah)
I copped the 911 (Yeah), now I’m thinkin’ ’bout the Bentley (Skrrt, right)
You get mе? I had to take this sh*t, nobody let me (Nobody)

Excеpt me (Yeah), so I could give a f**k if you accept me (Yeah)
One thing that’s for sure, b*tch, you gon’ respect me (Right)
Look, I’ma flex, do your best not to sweat the technique (Nope)
‘Cause behind the smoke and mirrors, ni**as all reflect me (They all)
And I would f**k with you b*tches if my aura let me (At all)

Or if you all would just tune into my frequencies (Yeah)
We expose the secrecy, screamin’, “Rest in peace to Steez” (Rest in peace)
If you don’t got the power, you just gotta peek and see for yourself
‘Cause when you stay connected to source, you won’t need nothin’ else
Still, I went and copped me the Porsche, just for my mental health
I guess I couldn’t help myself (Skrrt), I’m screamin’ out