Bow Wow Vs. Soulja Boy - Bow Wow & Soulja Boy

Bow Wow Vs. Soulja Boy – Bow Wow & Soulja Boy

Quotable Lyrics:
Say somethin’ crazy about me and Soulja, then we at your neck (Woah)
Shawty just told me she hungry, I told her to chill, we got food on the jet (Uh)
Take off from L.A. to Atlanta, in Atlanta you know that I brought me a pack back (Gas)
N***as is claimin’ my road, man, I had Kim K when Soulja dropped “Crank That”
It’s 2020, well me and Draco we’re back, we ain’t takin’ no losses (Nah)
Man, I’m too big to be talkin’ to middle man, doctor showed me who the boss is (Where)