Bout Mine - Mariah the Scientist

Bout MineMariah the Scientist

Quotable Lyrics:
Feelin’ lost, feelin’ nervous
And I know I don’t deserve this
What’s it cost?
‘Cause I want you back, babe
Goin’ out sad lately

Blockin’ my call, don’t tempt me
Promise, I won’t let you forget me
I remind you every time
You a vibe but you done lost your f**kin’ mind

Oh-oh, I, I-I said I want you bad (I want you bad)
Hope everybody in here knows that I
Won’t hesitate to crash
Bet you know how I’m

I bet you know how I’m comin’
And even if it takes all night (Takes all night)
Baby, I got nothin’ but time

We finna make this right
‘Cause you know I don’t
I bet you know I don’t play about mine