Bori - 6ix9ine feat. Lenier

Bori6ix9ine feat. Lenier

“Bori” is a high-energy Latin-influenced track by controversial rapper 6ix9ine, featuring Lenier. The song features a lively instrumental that combines traditional Latin rhythms with modern trap beats, and showcases 6ix9ine’s versatility as an artist.

The song has been described as a surprising departure from 6ix9ine’s usual aggressive and chaotic style, showing the artist’s softer side and giving listeners a glimpse into his personal struggles.

The song has a lush and atmospheric beat that includes acoustic guitar, percussion, and synths, blending seamlessly to create a vibrant and dynamic sound. The music video for the song was shot in various locations throughout Cuba and features vibrant colors and beautiful scenery that captures the spirit of the music.

While the song has been criticized by some for its controversial lyrics and 6ix9ine’s troubled past, it has also become a popular party anthem and has helped to cement the rapper’s place in the current hip-hop landscape.