Borderline - Shy Glizzy Feat. EST Gee

BorderlineShy Glizzy Feat. EST Gee

Quotable Lyrics:
I hang with the killers and be where the crooks be
Known to terrorize sh*t, so certain places won’t book me
I’ll put it in their face every time they try to no-look me
I’m not proud of this new era, all these ni**as is pu**ies

And they ain’t talking ’bout sh*t, no, they just kicking they rhymes
I don’t lie about sh*t, no, I just come every time
I don’t think these ni**as’ bank accounts say more than mine
Real ni**a, I’m gon’ meet you at the borderline

They know I’m that ni**a, they scared to admit it
202 my area code, your b*tch got the digits
Tryna see if this real or not, come see how I’m living
We can pull up on a menace anytime in them trenches
And I don’t care none ’bout no fame, got me a few M’s, then I’m winning
They thought I made it out the game, I always had a foot in it
I sent a ni**a on a hit, but he got caught ‘fore he finished