Quotable Lyrics:
I visit Bora Bora ’cause I’m bored
Swish, I scored
First class, all aboard
Vision clear like the port

Gucci drip, I need more
Christian Dior
They don’t sell us in the stores
B*tch, I get it from the source

Strapped up, well of course
F**k is you askin’ me for?
Suck me off in a foreign, keep goin’

F**k is you stoppin’ it for?
I’m the one, and she a Taurus
Valet open up the doors
She gon’ ride me like a horse
Then I skrrt off in a Porsche

She like my turbo, she came with a twin
Say that they sisters, I know that they friеnds
Both of them suckin’, but one got to win

One sippin’ Hеnny, and one sippin’ gin
I keep me a .9, but both of them tens
B*tch I’m a G, I need me some Ms

I’m keepin’ it real, I never pretend
I’m top-of-the-line, won’t tell you again