Bonnet - DaBaby Feat. Pooh Shiesty

BonnetDaBaby Feat. Pooh Shiesty

Quotable Lyrics:
B*tch, there go baby them stuntin’
Hopping out, smelling good, pocket full of money
They hop off your d*ck when they got what they wanted
Tell me whatever, don’t tell me you love me
I been through some sh*t, baby, actually

Can we get straight to the action? Let’s just get nasty
F**k all that keeping it classy
She like a ni**a to thug her out, smack on her ass cheeks
These ni**as biting my style, I got rabies
B*tch, wear your seat belt, I drive a ho crazy

She ride my d*ck like a Mercedes
Won’t even come out the house if it’s free, gotta pay me
And she gon’ get mad go and cheat on a ni**a (Let’s go)
B*tch get mad and go cheat on your ni**a (Let’s go)