Bonjour - NO1-NOAH Feat. Summer Walker

BonjourNO1-NOAH Feat. Summer Walker

Quotable Lyrics:
She just wanna f**k me and leave
So she can tell her friends she don’t need me
She don’t wanna be too needy
She don’t fall in love that easy
Pockets full, them thighs is greasy
Lookin’ like them drum pieces
She’s a ten, can’t beneath it, if I get addicted, I cannot leave it
Fuckin’ in the morning, the night and the evening
I don’t get tired, I make it look easy
Everything public, but it feels like we creepin’
And I’m so high that it looks like I’m sleepin’ now

And we take a flight where the people like to say, “Bonjour”
I just need your birthday and your full name, baby girl, don’t say no more
Put you on a flight, baby girl
We been textin’ for a while, but I cannot play no more (Oh, oh)
All the textin’ we then done, we done said so much, I don’t know what to say no more (Oh, oh, oh)
I just wanna do the foreplay by four
Make you feel things that you can’t ignore
You gon’ want that sh*t by eight, I’m sure
I’ma make sure that you wait for more

Wait for more
Wait for more, woah, ooh-woah, oh-oh
Wait for more
And I’ll be callin’ you, woah, oh