BNB - Eric Bellinger

BNBEric Bellinger

Quotable Lyrics:
Pull up, with the good vibes on
You got that Fenty on
Hit you like three in the morn’
You reply like, “What’s up?” (What’s up?)

Uh, choosy, I know
TTG, trained to go
You know, I do the most, oh
I could tell you been doin’ your squats
All natural, no shots

Baby, give me everything you got
I’m just tryna hit your spot
So good, had to spin the block

Last ni**a had the ball dropped
But, girl, you know I’m everything he not
And I been patient, oh

You deserve appreciation
Standin’ ovation
And I’ma give it to you
You been out here stackin’ your paper
Piped up on your haters

Now you outside (Sheesh) with a brand new body (Yeah)
No, you ain’t playin’ no games, babe
You a lil’ hottie
Ain’t gon’ lie, you got it (Yeah)

Brand new body (Ooh)
You worked hard for it, so you could be cocky
You and that brand new body

Take it off for me (Ooh, yeah)
Put it all on me (Ooh, yeah)
Baby, show out for me
‘Cause I wanna see (Oh, yeah)

You put it all on me (Yeah)
Take it off for me (Yeah)
‘Cause I wanna see
You and that brand new body (Oh)