Blues - G Herbo Feat. Future

BluesG Herbo Feat. Future

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m a street ni**a that got rich,
I made curves off a brick
See a h*e’ and hit the curve,
what’s the word? My ni**a swerve
Weed and crack I used to serve,

not like rappers ’cause they nerds
My b*tch snappin’, need a purse,
give her racks, she on my nerves
Get it back, I hit the stu’,
daily trapped in with the crew (Ayy)

Keep my savage in the coupe,
two ratchets wit’ the screw
I’m in Saks, just spendin’ sacks,
got patent on my shoes

Ain’t nothin’ happenin’ in the ‘Raq,
the Caddy bulletproof (Ayy)
Drac’ go hackin’ ’em like Shaq (Grra),
we whacked him ’cause he lacked (Whacked)
Bad b*tch all on my lap, speak Latin and she act

Beat and crashed it off the yak,
took traction off the trap
Bein’ broke, that sh*t was whack,
I ain’t never goin’ back (B*tch)

Blues stacked on blues (Racks),
money went in my veins (Pluto)
Tiger face in the prejudice,
could’ve bought him a pay (Pluto)
Bust it down, got rockstars,

drug helped to fit us (Yeah)
Cookin’ dope, hit with a mask on (Mask),
cold-hearted, lotta tats (Cold)
Swerve on ’em, just wept (Swerve),
give a bitch, who ain’t a lesbo (Lesbo)

Put a bag on your block though (Block),
call the stash to them other hoes (Woah)
Murder case off a mumble phone (Murder),

drive past and knock the door down (Skrrt)
Body bag, it takes a cold world (Syrup),
west ni**a, Cosa Nostra