Blow - MoneyBagg Yo

BlowMoneyBagg Yo

Quotable Lyrics:
Blow a lot of money on dope, blow a lot of money on clothes (Federal, ayy)
Blow a lot of money on guns, spend a lil’ money on hoes (Uh, uh)
Blow a lot of money on diamonds, the main reason why I be shinin’ (Ice on ice)

Lost a lot of money in the trap, then got it back off rappin’ (Rappin’-ass ni**a)
F**kin’ off money on in the hood, in the dice game, what they hit fo’ (Shoot some, bet some)
Blow a lot of money on rent, I ain’t even seen my condo (It’s been so long)
Blow a lot of money on opps, I’m tryna put ’em in a fronto (I’m tryna smoke ’em)
Talk about money all the time, I can’t change the convo’

Eight hunnid a zip for my jacket and shoes (Ooh)
Go make a serve and jump back in the booth (Go)
New car smell, the Ferrari a couple (Vroom)

Just enough room to fit me and ya boo (Fool)
Hard to sort out all the real and the fake
Gotta look at this sh*t for what it is

MoneyBagg Yo