Block Is Hot - Lil Durk & Deeski

Block Is HotLil Durk & Deeski

Quotable Lyrics:
Invest into your weapon, them bullet
fragments feel like bullet holes (Rrah)
Shorty reckless, he pop out in traffic,
bail out, there he go (Come here)

Hit him four times, but the morgue had
said they found two extra holes (Doo, doo, doo, doo)
And I’m from the city, these b*tches fishy,
they be stretchin’ hoes (Go, go)

Monеy on ’em, I just said that, grab that Scat Pack,
let’s go clack that (Skrrt)
They was scarеd-scared, that’s what Threat said,
they want peace treaty, I reject that (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I respect that, grab my gat-gat, see that chain set,
let me get that (Rrah, get that)

Where your hood at? Where that bookbag?
Where that Drac’ at? Go and get that (Go)
I’m just very important, you sittin’
outside on porches, made a man (Come here)
We can’t catch his ass, we ridin’ past,

we bound to get his mans (Go, go)
Had two tens-tens, tried to hawk ’em
down for breakin’ in (Bop, bop, yeah)
I could pop out by myself, them ni**as

not gon’ get a chance (Man, what?)
Block war, I got Dede with me, he a block boy (Block boy)
Hot boys, got so many guns, we feel like Glock boys (Ah, ah)
Hot boy, reason for that sh*t ’cause you got shot, boy (Brrah)
Glock noise, this that sh*t you hear when you gon’ die noise / New Music Release

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