Quotable Lyrics:
The block got hot, b*tch, I’m lit as hell
I woke up today and put on YSL
Them ‘bows don’t look right, I put it on the scale
I’m fresh up out of county, I’m too rich for jail

Uh, Louis kicks, I never wear the same pair
I’m surrounded by these killers, all these millionaires
Uh, my big brother play with Pyrex, Bobby Fishscale
Uh, bae, the condom slipped off, I think it’s still in there
Uh, it’s a bad b*tch party, no, you can’t get in there

Uh, she gotta be above a ten, she tryna sit in here
Uh, I just give her daddy d*ck and pull on her hair
Uh, catch me on thе opp side tryna catch a— yeah
Uh, chopper now— ch-ch-ch, bullеts everywhere

Uh, boy, we get that lo’, me and bro, we creeping
Uh, I’m in a f**k ni**a bushes tryna get even
Uh, uh, fell in love with bodies because I’m anemic
Uh, uh, she gon’ eat my kids, I pull up in the Demon

Uh, uh, she open her legs and she already creaming
Hold up, hold up, hold up, I just touch it, uh,
like babe, you got me fiending
It’s a lambchop, baby, check out the stolen whip

Hit the gear
Turbo engine, brodie gettin’ out of here
Uh, I might pull another caper in that striker, yeah