Block Benders - Baby Stone Gorillas

Block BendersBaby Stone Gorillas

Quotable Lyrics:
Military chopper with the scope
Go boom boom boom
Have a ni**a running from the stick
Like duck duck goose

Ni**as talking brazy out they mouth
Like I just won’t shoot
Smoker on the roof taste the work
Damn near broke his tooth

You ain’t never slid through the c**bs
Time to pop your tool
Baby stones on the back block
Finna pop your goons

Ni**as playing cards acting tough
That is not your move
See me up in traffic with the strap
Better make your move
Popping sh*t from Longwood

All the way to 60th Street
Baby stone gorilla in the set
It’s the jungle to me
Watch what you say out your mouth

Ain’t no humbling me
Stick shot a ni**a for accidently talking to me
I just f**ked your b*tch lil bro
She ain’t talking to mе
Your b*tch suck my d*ck

I bust the left
It’s the shark in mе
Chased a ni**a down and popped him up
He remembers me too

Ever since then he couldn’t move
He been living with screws