Skuba Skooly - Sada Baby feat. Skooly,Blickelodeon - Sada Baby

BlickelodeonSada Baby

Quotable Lyrics:
I just cut a whole brick in half with a razor
I just got a ho ni**a dead off a favor
Lil’ bloody ‘nem had hit him in his head with a laser
And I made this b*tch f**k my mans ’cause I paid her
Told the opps, “Meet me at the bottle shop,” get ’em tables

Chopper shot do the chalkboard, it erase him
I say, the yopper shot, baka-boop-bop, hit his top, it go drop
Spin his block one more time ’cause we hot
Listen, gas, huh, burn a ni**a up

Huh, baby shake that ass, she gon’ turn a ni**a up
Huh, AR tricky dance move, serve a ni**a up
Huh, b*tch, I better not hear you sayin’ Skub, I earned big Blood
Listеn, oh, look, huh, I don’t play with sh*t

Get disrespectful aftеr this, I be done smacked you in your sh*t
You talk back behind my back, I be done clapped you in your sh*t
Be done tapped him in his head, lil’ ni**a don’t know sh*t
Huh, I still fight, pu**y ni**as ain’t on sh*t

Huh, kill a ni**a, now he can’t hate on sh*t
Ni**a, I still slide, I ain’t gotta wait on sh*t
Huh, it’s drill time, I ain’t got sh*t to say ’bout sh*t, ni**a
I don’t rap beef, if he at me, then it’s f**k it

I don’t rap beef, if he act weak, we gon’ stomp him
I don’t rap beef, if he half street, then we attack him
‘Cause if he really street, then we ain’t on the internet about nothin’

Sada Baby