Blessing - Lil Tecca

BlessingLil Tecca

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, I’m the blessing, so who ’bout to bless me now?
She wan’ cuff and arrest me now
I’m that ni**a, no, you cannot test me out
All that extra sh*t really gon’ stress me out

Put some Chrome on my chestpiece, wow (Yeah, yeah)
Leveled up, I just got me some XP, how? (Oh)
You AP with a dead piecе, how? (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah)
Ni**as h*es when thеy look deep down (Ayy, that’s probably Tago)

So I’m tired of keepin’ it real with ’em
If it’s fire, then we in the field with ’em
Money turn ni**as to guilt-trippers
Had to learn that some people can’t sit with us

Never lied when I said that you let me down
Never lied when you let me down
Gossipin’? Then you can’t be ’round
My ni**as top ten, pull up ten deep, wow