Bleed It - Logic

Bleed ItLogic

Quotable Lyrics:
Back chillin’ with my mom watching Ten Commandments
Got a bottle in her hand and I’m facin’ abandonment
Social services f**kin’ up my vibe
Smile for the worker, but I’m dyin’ on the inside
Haha, haha, everything’s fine

Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind
I’ve seen a lot of sh*t in my lifetime
Playin’ the field, man, I need anothеr lifeline
Fifty-fifty, I was born to be a f**k-up
What up? Always been mysеlf, so shut the f**k up
I bleed it, I f**kin’ bleed it
I bleed it, I f**kin’ bleed it

Pick up the pen, then I bleed it (I bleed it)
A criminal I was in my past life
Nothing but women and drugs, it was a fast life (Bleed that)
I got 9-1-1 on FaceTime

Walkin’ in the bank, Glock .9 on my waistline
Empty the clip, f**k no, I never waste time
Grab the cash then gas to the baseline (Bleed that)