Blame Me - Pressa

Blame MePressa

Quotable Lyrics:
Ooh, I been wonderin’ why these ni**as,
why they hatin’, why they change on me
Ooh, I put everybody on, but when they lost,
they put the blame on me

Lately, I’ve been trippin’, I ain’t been feelin’ like myself,
I was in positions that I shouldn’t have played a part in
I gave them all my heart and they left me so scarred,
ooh, they crossed me and you helped them play a part in it

See, they left me out in the cold, want me to freeze
How many pеople that I helped out? You wouldn’t еven believe
I paid commissaries, I even paid lawyer fees
I turned around, look up, ain’t nobody help me when I was in need
They gave me bail, shoutout to my granny

Now I’m in palm trees in Miami
Killers on go now, they understand me
You want a Perc’, call me, I have it
I put the lil’ homies in the car and tell ’em to go
Went to school with ni**as that I warred
They know I’m big killer, that’s for sure

I ain’t never pressed about no ho,
I ain’t never pressed about no b*tch
I was down bad with all of my dogs and then I came up,
but still ain’t switch
They tryna put me in the category with everybody else
I gave my last to so many ni**as that watched me starve and still ain’t help