Blah Blah Blah - BabyTron Feat. TrDee

Blah Blah BlahBabyTron Feat. TrDee

Quotable Lyrics:
Blah-blah-blah, shut the f**k up
Oh, you took a L? Ni**a, so what?
Opp got dropped, time to pour up
Bitch act her shoe size, need to grow up

I got me a new pack, it’s time to roll up
How the f**k are you a scammer? You ain’t never load up
I think it’s crazy how she hop on top of it and go nuts
Heard the song you dropped last week, you for sure suck

She don’t post her ni**a, you can always send a shot at her
In the Hellkitty, I’m just tryna make her kitty purr
Saw her in another ni**a likes, I know yo feelings hurt
You might think we fighting ’til you getting popped just like a Perc’

Head nod to my shooter, that’s the okie-dokiе
Cuddy dancing on the work, he damn near did thе Hokey Pokey
Took his watch and had him curling up, sh*t, that’s a rollie pollie
Cathedral ceilings in the crib, sh*t, holy moley

Skating in the ZO1, might f**k around and tre flip it
Snatch the horns up off a buffalo, I’m in here weight lifting
Guava Gelato to the brain, I feel my face twitching
Why the f**k he reach for the chain? He must be ‘caine sniffing
Twenty K in plastic if we talking ’bout my jugg days

Brown Louis sneakers, match the Drakey with the wood grain
All this stepping, need a damn rest, I got some foot pain
Life not a game, you can’t choose when you push play
Where the opps at?

Why yo team ain’t eating like it’s Ramadan?
If I ain’t the realest ni**a then I’m borderline
I just sparked me up some oppy, man, I’m more than fried
I’ma blow and shock the whole world like when Kobe died
Backshots had her yelling like yo mama mad at you

Seen yo roll, only thing that I could do is laugh at you
We tryna finish the mission, met him at the hospital
You be hating on your own ni**as, I can’t rock with you

BabyTron Feat. TrDee