Blackberry Sap - Ari Lennox, Dreamville & DJ Drama Produced by J White,Stick - Dreamville Feat. J. Cole, J.I.D, Kenny Mason, Sheck Wes & DJ Drama

Blackberry SapAri Lennox, Dreamville & DJ Drama Produced by J White

Quotable Lyrics:
Up and down your pole
‘Til a b*tch fall asleep
Long as you don’t break the code
You could be my lil’ freak
Hit ’em with the voodoo
Grab a b*tch by the roots
Spinnin’, Crash Bandicoot
Bust it open like some new, new
This ain’t no In-N-Out
If you in, you eatin’ out
Fall in this Aquafi’
New sh*t you ain’t never seen

Blame me
Blame it on me
I like the way you f**k on me
I wanna feel it rain on me
Serve this like that
Black, blackbеrry sap
Drippin’ all down your neck
I got this sh*t you won’t forget

Hittin’ them Mariah notеs
Got the thing all in your nose
Know I got you way deep down
Big Jon, make the cat yawn
Said ain’t no runnin’, I want it
The pressure, touch it
Own it, slurpin’
That good sh*t on it