Black Punk - Rico Nasty

Black PunkRico Nasty

Quotable Lyrics:
Look at the diamonds, they glisten and glisten
I can’t tell the time ’cause my watch never tickin’
I be with my day ones, ’cause I don’t fake kickin’

My hands always sweaty, my palms always itchin’
Steady complainin’, man, stop with the b*tchin’
Double C on my frames, I guess I got the vision

Just made a couple hundred thousand, what a feelin’
My hitters, they bangin’, they’ll blow any minute
Walk through the front, but I still get the bag

Ni**a act stupid, I might have to smack
Life is a movie but I never act
Told her to pull up, I sent her the addy

Rocking the latest, your b*tch love my fashion
Credit card limitless, b*tch, ain’t no maxin’
Smoke out the pound, if you shoppin’, I’m taxin’
None of these b*tches in my bracket

Rico Nasty