Black Pinot - Meyhem Lauren & Daringer Feat. Action Bronson

Black PinotMeyhem Lauren & Daringer Feat. Action Bronson

Quotable Lyrics:
Yo, free Dave 118, free [?]
Free my ni**as doing bullets, free my ni**as doing ten
Sipping black pinot made by a lady with a missing limb
We overeating while you motherf**kers getting thin
I’m outside looking flyer than a homerun

My right hand, that’s the shooter, he’s a known gun
My left hand’s my right hand ’cause I’m a southpaw
Disrespecting sh*t that I run in your house for
People f**kup if you don’t forgive ’em

I just forget ’em ’cause we moving at a different rhythm
Absorbing wisdom from the Socrates prism
[?] my life is never profitless
Shaving truffles on the ziti
[?] iced out the [?]

Like shorty’s thick but petite, she got thе little feet
Nobody wants your f**king b*tch, she’s like thе middle seat

Sipping on [?]
Time to crack the black pinot
That’s how I move ni**a
I’m a motherf**kin’ smooth ni**a
Catch me on vacay holding the AK
Catch me on vacay holding the AK