Black Iverson - Guapdad 4000

Black IversonGuapdad 4000

Quotable Lyrics:
My ones white but I’m Black Iverson (Allen)
When I started balling I was sliding sh*t (Ballin’)
I was in the club ‘fore I was twenty-one (Yeah, yeah)
Now I’m with a savage and she twenty-one (Yeah, that’s right)
I use to wrap two hundreds around twenty ones (Damn)
Now I’m in Atlanta shout out 21 (Man)
Started in the back now I’m in the front
In a durag and a beater like I’m Iverson (Iverson, yeah)

You ni**as play all day
I made a lane, y’all stole the saucе
And I watched all y’all take (Damn)
I hope it tastе amazing, considered that y’all grace (Amen)
Apologize ahead of time ‘fore metal fly in y’all face (Frrt, frrt, frrt)
We turn this shit into Lebanon ’cause the gang not far away (The gang)

And we know where y’all stay (Yeah)
So let’s keep it player, why fight?
When we can do credit fraud all day
She wanna crash at my crib tonight

But she leave eyelashes and stupid sh*t my b*tch gon’ find
I hit that pu**y with a Pikachu beanie on
On top of Murakami pillow, eating Sinigang
A lotta ni**as come around me, try to be the same
But I can’t practice with no ni**as that’s not in the game