Black Folk - Tank And The Bangas Feat. Alex Isley & Masego

Black FolkTank And The Bangas Feat. Alex Isley & Masego

Quotable Lyrics:
I love Black folk (Black)
Black look like a revolution (Black)
Look like a family reunion in the park
Black look like it’s a different world
Sound like a crawfish boil in New Orleans
Black folk joke around like Martin and got paintings from JJ in the living room
It sounds strong, look like sacrifice

It be, flowers blooming in the summertime
Black sound like old songs, smell like good food
And it tastes like heart disease
But it feel like maze at Jazz Fest
Black sound like something that hurt, like a hard test
Black sound like skin, like something dark
It look like hair, yeah, Black sound like rough hair, and good hair
Look like history, sound spiritual
Black sound like years, like working, like night
Black sound like money, look like Walmart

Like corner stores, like cash registers singing
Black sound like four-hundred years, smell like Oprah!
Impactful like Martin, look like Cicely Tyson
Sing like Nina, got a ass like Serena
Feel like broken homes and Section 8
Black smell like crack and collard greens
Sounds motivational, feels like church
Look like big Sunday hats and ribbons