Billion Pree (K.I.N.G) - Popcaan Feat. Quada

Billion Pree (K.I.N.G) – Popcaan Feat. Quada

Quotable Lyrics: Billion Pree (K.I.N.G) – Popcaan Feat. Quada

Unruly camp
Hello? (Yeah)
Weh! Weh! Weh!
Unruly stamp (Markus)
Man born fi it, born fi rich (Yeah)
Done get e gold and gone wit it
Earth or sky anuh my limit (Noo)

My limit ‘ave man wan’ own di bank like Peter

Run e country like Andrew (Trouble)
Mi spliff dem loud like speaker
Bare hot gyal ah ride my bamboo (Bamboo)
Weh! Trouble!
Quada push e Benz and shame dem
Unruly live pon di plane dem
Crocodile dem wild cyan tame dem
Gyal ah fight over wi, like scare dem